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What to expect?

Coaching and therapy have different aims. While therapy focuses on addressing internal or interpersonal issues that may be causing emotional or mental distress, coaching is intended to improve performance and achievement in specific external areas of life. Coaching usually involves a shorter-term commitment than therapy, emphasising achieving particular outcomes within a set timeframe.

I coach my clients on various topics, including:

  • Improving public speaking skills;
  • Becoming more assertive at work;
  • Developing emotional intelligence;
  • Managing stress and improving work performance;
  • Cultivating a more positive and intentional mindset;
  • Improving overall well-being.

Working with a psychologist as a coach will help you develop your thinking and understanding.

I can support you with identifying your needs and provide the necessary tools to overcome any barriers that may hinder your progress.

Additionally, with my prior management background and entrepreneurial expertise, I have a broad understanding of the challenges that can arise in the corporate world and how to tackle them.

"We will work together to align your personal and professional life with your mental health so you can achieve real growth."